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Energy efficient led commercial recessed lamps lighting fixtures,contemporary lamps



1.Excellent heat dissipation structure, provides stable and reliable light-source led light fittings parts

2.High-class and elegant configuration;

3.High output lumens and stable quality;

4.High heat conductivity material adopted

5.Persist in applying the large-power bulb with the highest luminosity in the world;

6. Adopt high brightness and low light decline led;

7.Low lumen attenuation: High quality constant current driver and good heat dissipation techniques  


1. Suitable for showroom, jewellery and clothing display;

2. Can be in show windows, shop counter and other lighting locations;

3.It is the ideal lighting source for the replacement market of conventional halogen lamps and metal halide lamps;

4.supermarket/showcase/shop window ; room; house/bar/ western restaurants;

7.others (the place where need spot lighting).

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